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Learn More Why Online Marketing?

If your business needs to grow today, chances are you’ll need to invest in a couple online marketing channels.

So, what is an online marketing channel? It’s the ability to spread your messaging and brand across different types of online platforms like Google and Facebook immediately through paid advertising.

Our team specializes in helping business’s craft the right message to the right target which ensures higher conversion rates immediately.

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Pay Per Click Ads

It’s no secret that effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) takes time (usually 3-9 months) before your business will start seeing real results.

What is PPC? Google and Bing allow you to bid on keywords or phrases that your customers are most likely to search for and will place you at the top of these search results. Every time a potential customer clicks on your ad, you’ll pay your bid price.

Display Ads

Another popular form of online marketing through Google are display ads. This enables you to market your business on popular sites.

We’ve provided 4 popular types of display ads you might recognize.

1. & 2. Banner Ads - Examples 1 & 2 show you the common placement of these ads. If you study a site like you'll quickly identify these types of ads are sprinkled across the site.

3. Text Ads - Example 3 shows you a text ad. Similar to a text ad you might see in a search result, you'll sometimes see this type of ad sprinkled within a site itself.

4. Gmail Ads - Example 4 shows you a Gmail ad. Based on social and promotional emails you receive, it's possible to target and send similar Gmail ad's to your audience.

Another popular type of Display ad is Mobile Ads. All you need to do is create a campaign targeting specific mobile app categories.

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Retargeting Ads

Retargeting aka remarketing is the third type of popular Google marketing channel.

On average for most businesses, only about 2% of visitors will purchase on your site. This leaves a huge gap of potential lost revenue.

Retargeting is a technology that allows you to anonymously follow your website visitors through cookies. Popular websites that have display ads on their websites will read these cookies and display your ads ensuring you have another chance to touch them after they initially leave your site which increases conversion rates.

Native Advertising

These ads are carefully placed articles within websites, blogs, and feeds that are camouflaged to look like additional articles within the site itself.

A good example is the home page of CNN. About two thirds down the page you'll see a section of articles at first glance to be additional reading.

If you review the entire section you'll notice it says Paid Content from outbrain.

You can promote your content on other native advertising platforms like, Adsonar, and Taboola.

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Social Media Marketing

As your target audience is already on some form of social media why not use these powerful platforms to engage more customers.

This is also an excellent opportunity to test what they like, share, and comment on within your marketing campaign.

Lastly, this allows you to drive your brand messaging to your target audience.

Video Marketing

Using video's to promote your business, brand, products, or services is a simple and effective marketing channel. You can create, how-to’s, testimonials, explainer videos, or even funny or entertaining videos to get more customers to engage with your business.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective marketing strategy your business can implement. This is the process of capturing email addresses and creating an email list. What can you do with this list? You can automate your email marketing and send your email list different offers and keep them up to date on what your business is doing. Email marketing has the highest online marketing conversion rate for most businesses.

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